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Balance of Average Cost of Living and Debt Repayment for Women in their 20s


Debt is not limited to easy-to-understand debt such as credit card repayment, consumer finance, car loan and so on.

Please consider that the repayment of the scholarship and the shopping loan (the installment contract such as large home appliances and beauty treatment) are also debts.

So how much of those repayments are a month, can we say that life is tough?

If you don’t think “If you don’t have cash you can pay with a credit card”, you may fall into debt hell.

In order not to do so, let’s check the balance of your monthly living expenses and payments.


It is dangerous if the debt repayment amount of women in the early 20’s is over ¥ 40,000 a month

First, let’s organize all your debts.

  • Borrowing from consumer finance (such as Acomm Promise Lake Aiful)
  • Bank card loan (MR. Card loan, Banquek etc.)
  • Credit card (repayment, installment, cashing, shopping)
  • Various loans (split purchases of cars, beauty salons, home appliances, medical expenses, smartphone terminals, etc.)
  • Government financial institutions (scholarships, etc.)
  • Borrowing between individuals
  • Yami gold

The sum of all these balances is your total debt today.

Next, let’s check whether the total debt is within 20% of the annual income.

If it is within 20%, you can finish repayment as planned as long as debt does not increase.

However, if the total debt exceeds 20% of the annual income, repayment will start to depress the cost of living.

Even with the system of total regulation , which came into force in 2010, the total amount of debt that individuals can borrow is decided to be one third of the annual income.

With total amount regulation

A mechanism in which the total amount of personal debt is limited to one third of the annual income. Debt more than one-third of the annual income is said to be difficult to continue to repay, and to break down life. For example, consumer credit card loans are subject to total volume restrictions, so they are regulated by law so that they can not borrow more than a third of their annual income.

Because credit shopping (ribos, splits), scholarships and car loans are not regulated, other debts may exceed one-third of the annual income.

Prior to 2017, bank card loans were also unregulated.

People with bank card loans are likely to have a total debt of over 30% of their annual income!

Now let me tell you how to calculate the amount of debt that will ruin your life.

(Receivable income × 30%)  12 months = 1 month repayment amount

It is dangerous to repay more than the monthly repayment amount calculated by this formula.

Based on this calculation, the table below shows the monthly repayment amount that can be said to be high in debt from the average salary of Japanese women in their 20s.

  Early 20’s (20-24 years old) Late 20’s (25-29 years old)
Average annual income 2.41 million yen 3.90 million yen
Average annual income 1.93 million yen 2.47 million yen
30% of annual income 580,000 yen 740,000 yen
Monthly repayment amount at 30% of annual income (lifefall level) 48,000 yen 61,000 yen
Ideal monthly repayment amount
※ Calculated at 20% of annual income
32,000 yen 40,000 yen

※ Calculated as annual income = annual income. Reference) 2016 National Tax Agency “private salary fact-finding survey”

From the above, it is thought that if the average annual income woman in the early 20s repays “more than 40,000 yen a month”, life will collapse.

There will be many who think that “It is unexpectedly low!”.

However, just having 1 million yen and 2 million yen in debt is not a danger.

Debt repayment in the annual income is important.

Did you feel that you could return if you saved money with this amount?

Next, I would like to think about household finances.

I want to make money to repay my debt! What is the ideal household budget for women in their 20s?

The monthly repayments include smartphone terminal charges, scholarships, and various loans.

If you deduct those payments from your ideal monthly repayment, you can not afford to use your credit card to pay off your debt.

Let’s apply it to the golden ratio of the household budget introduced in NHK in the past whether it is possible to save on food expenses and spending expenses and repay it.

The following table shows the ideal household budget for a woman in her 20s living alone.

Household expenses breakdown Proportion of ideal Ideal amount
Take it home 100% ¥ 200,000
Housing expense 28% 56,000 yen
Food expenses 18% 36,000 yen
Utilities costs 6% 12,000 yen
Communication cost 6% 12,000 yen
Insurance fee Four% 8000 yen
Hobbies and entertainment Four% 8000 yen
Clothing expenses 2% 6000 yen
Entertainment expenses Five% ¥ 10,000
Daily miscellaneous expenses 3% 6000 yen
Other 6% 12,000 yen
savings 17% 34,000 yen

※ Reference) Let’s become a household budget that can save well knowing the “proportion of ideal spending”!

From the breakdown in the table above, you can see that it is possible to use “others” and “savings” money to repay debts.

Also, some people may think that the premium is unnecessary.

If you do not get insurance, you can use that amount for repayment.

But what happens if there is a sudden expense such as tax payment, ceremonial occasion, travel, sickness in this situation?

In the last-minute household budget can not cope with sudden expenses.

There are many people who save money and repay, but due to sudden expenses they will increase their debt anew ….

Then, based on the contents so far, let’s review “Characteristics of women in their twenties who fall into debt hell” again.

The person who corresponds to the contents of the following is likely to fall into “debt hell” because the repayment of debt is not completed easily and it becomes long.

  • Total debt exceeds 30% of annual income
  • I do not know how much debt repayment is among the salary payments
  • There is no money on hand before payday and I pay by credit
  • Savings for tax payments are zero

It is a debt that may increase little by little without you knowing it, but if you leave it without taking any measures as it is, you may not have to “bankruptcy”.

The benefits of women in their twenties to reduce debt in a voluntary arrangement

The benefits of women in their twenties to reduce debt in a voluntary arrangement

Debt increases little by little, and when you notice it, the credit limit of the card is full.

To repay, repay by borrowing at another financial institution.

If the deadline for repayment is nearing that other financial institutions can not borrow with the maximum amount.

When monthly repayments make up the majority of your income, you will have no choice but to go bankrupt.

Before that happens, it is recommended that you solve the debt problem with the “Debt Consolidation” debt reduction method!

If debt continues to increase as it is … Demerit of bankruptcy


Many people have the image of losing their life and ending their lives when they hear it is self-bankruptcy .

If I go bankrupt, I will summarize the disadvantages below.

  • Bankruptcy information is registered with Credit Information Agency

    I will not be able to purchase new loans, credit card contracts or credit sales for 5 to 10 years.
    The credit card currently in use can not be used.

  • Let go of everything except certain property

    Brands and precious metals are also confiscated depending on their value.
    ※ It will be helpful to look at public auctions what kind of things will be confiscated.

  • During the bankruptcy procedure, depending on the type of work, work is restricted

    (Example) Administrative scrivener, travel business handling registrant, life insurance diplomat etc.

  • A debt with a joint guarantor will continue to be repaid by the joint guarantor

    It can not be kept secret to a solidarity guarantor

  • After bankruptcy, I can not go bankrupt for 7 years

There are various limitations like this.

On the other hand, there is also a big merit that debt will be exempted if you go bankrupt.

However, if the reason for the debt is due to gambling or excessive spending (such as shopping addiction), you will not be allowed to go bankrupt.

It is also important to remember that the money you borrow is obligated to return.

Debt reduction method recommended for women in their twenties

As a way to reduce debt, it is an optional arrangement that I want to recommend to women in their 20s.

Voluntary consolidation is one of the debt consolidation methods, a solution that reduces the burden of debt by negotiating directly with the creditors without a court.

Arbitrary arrangement is asked to a lawyer and a judicial scrivener, and the contents of negotiations are decided by each other’s option.

The contents to be negotiated are the following three.

  • Debt reduction

    (If overpayment has occurred)

  • Interest cut
    • Future interest cut (we are exempted from all the interest to be paid in the future)
    • Cut of accrued interest (Attachment of arrears accrued if it is overdue)
  • Negotiation of the number of repayments

    Have the number of repayments 36 to 60 times (3 to 5 years).
    (If there is a debt of ¥ 200,000 and you plan to repay ¥ 10,000 every month 20 times, you will have the number of repayments to be 36 times and negotiations such as to limit the amount of monthly repayment to ¥ 6,000)

In this way, in the case of voluntary consolidation, we are exempted from the interest we were planning to pay, increase the number of splits, reduce the monthly repayment amount, and negotiate to repay only the amount originally borrowed (result will vary depending on the way of negotiation ).

If you are a woman in your twenties and have debts and have vague concerns about the future, we recommend that you arrange arbitrarily early.

Arbitrary merit of organization

The benefit of voluntary consolidation is that you can reduce your debt without your family, friends or company knowing you.

There are many other benefits as well.

  • Debt decreases
  • Collection stops

    If you ask a lawyer or judicial scrivener, you will be notified that you have asked a creditor (card company etc.).
    The obligee who receives the notification can not be reminded / collected.

  • It is OK without repayment during the optional arrangement

    As the amount changes depending on the outcome of the negotiations, there is no need to repay during the process.
    People with income have a stable life.

  • Procedure is easy

    A lawyer (a judicial scrivener) negotiates with the creditors only by asking them without passing through the court.

  • You can choose the debt to arrange arbitrarily

    If you do not want to apologize to the guarantor, you can choose not to arrange it at any time, and you can continue to pay yourself.

  • Less likely to be a family or company

    Lawyers and judicial scriveners keep secrets.
    There is almost no possibility of bargaining with family members or companies, as exchange with creditors is also made.
    ※ As we exchange documents with lawyer at the time of negotiation establishment, we decide receipt method beforehand.

If you arrange arbitrarily in your twenties, the benefits to “marriage” are greater

With debt, do you feel uneasy about your future marriage?

After all, you may not think that “a woman with debt is not to be avoided as a marriage partner?”

From the perspective of marriage, there are two advantages to organizing in a twenties.

Satisfaction with his relationship is high

According to a study by the University of Texas, people who have good control of their money have a high degree of satisfaction with their relationships with partners.

If you want to get married or plan to get married in the future, you should be able to think positively about marriage if you have a prospect to return all debts by then or return.

If you hide your debt and get married, your marital relationship will eventually collapse.

It is easy to go through the loan examination etc. when 5 years have passed since the optional arrangement and repayment

Especially if you want to live in your own house in the future, arrange them at your discretion.

Home purchase is not always my husband’s name.

After voluntary settlement, after 5 years from completion, information will be deleted from the credit information agency’s blacklist, and it will be easier to go through the examination of loan, credit card, credit sales and so on.

The relationship between married couples after marriage is also individual, but there are more options for buying a home.

  • You can make a mortgage loan agreement under your name
  • Become a husband’s joint guarantor and joint debtor and can pass through a loan
  • Married combined income makes it possible to purchase a home

The point to arrange arbitrarily in 20’s
If you’re late for organizing at random or you’ve been blacklisted for 10 years on your own bankruptcy, you may have a big impact on marriage.

If you marry in secret debt, you may find unnatural points in the use of money and worries threatening marital relationships when purchasing a home.

It is hoped that you will be able to design your own future by deciding not to increase debt in the future from past failures.

Disadvantages of optional organization

Of course there are disadvantages to the optional arrangement, but the debt will be reduced and the financial burden will certainly be reduced more than now.

There are three disadvantages as follows.

  • It is registered as accident information that it arranges arbitrarily to credit information agency

    Once registered, it will be difficult to go through the examination of loan and credit card contract and credit sales for a fixed period (about 5 years).

  • When I arrange a debt with a joint guarantee such as a scholarship, the repayment obligation shifts to the joint guarantor

    In the case of voluntary arrangement, the joint guarantor repays the reduced amount.

  • Since the voluntary arrangement is just a negotiation, it may not be reduced to the desired amount

How much is credit card and bank card loan reduced by voluntary arrangement?

How much is credit card and bank card loan reduced by voluntary arrangement?

It is an arbitrary arrangement to reduce debt, but it can reduce not only money borrowed from consumer finance, but also credit card and bank card loan debt.

In the case of a credit card, it is possible to make not only interest payments but installment payments as well as payment by lump sum payment without interest payment depending on the negotiation.

With bank card loans, you tend to think that you can pay less at low interest rates and pay monthly, but remember that you are paying a lot of interest.

Now, let’s look at an example of how much debt can be reduced if you arrange them arbitrarily for credit card and bank card loan respectively.

“Debt Consolidation of Credit Cards” Debt Decreases in Revo, Split, and Bulk Payments

In the case of using a credit card, I think that it is often the case that I will make a repayment for the shopping that I can not pay at one time and will make a lump sum payment the next month when shopping that can be paid within the next month’s salary.

Because next month lump sum payment is non-interest, it is definitely profitable.

However, if you pay most of your living expenses with a credit card, almost all of your salary will not be a lump sum payment the following month.

A vicious cycle such as paying again with a credit card again this month when cash is exhausted.

Arbitrary arrangement is recommended in such a case.

Example of organizing your credit card

Let’s look at a concrete example of how much it will be reduced.

It is assumed that you are using a credit card with the following content.

  • Credit card use 4 companies · 5 borrowings
  • Revoicing 3 cases
  • Two lump sum payments
  • Borrowing total amount 1,300,000 yen

First, let’s look at the optional arrangement of repayments.

Negotiation content is to cut interest in the future and increase the number of repayments.

As a result of reorganizing the revolving credit, the monthly payment amount of each credit card company has changed as follows.

※ The amount of repayment is different depending on the person using it, such as the amount of money used and the method of repayment.

  Arbitrary arrangement before After optional arrangement
Company V 15,000 yen 9,000 yen
Company J 8,000 yen 5,000 yen
U company 13,000 yen 10,000 yen
Monthly total repayment amount 36,000 yen 24,000 yen

Next, we will look at the optional arrangement of single payment.

Negotiation content is to get a lot of repayments (with no interest).

The amount of monthly payment when organizing credit card lump sums arbitrarily has changed as follows.

  Arbitrary arrangement before After optional arrangement
O company 100,000 yen 8,000 yen
Company J 20,000 Yen 5,000 yen
Monthly total repayment amount 120,000 yen 13,000 yen

In this case, the monthly repayment amount of 156,000 yen including the lump sum payment is reduced to 37,000 yen!

Furthermore, it will be much easier to repay if you are about to cut out about 520,000 yen in the future, which you were planning to pay by repayment.

Cautionary notes on credit card arrangement

Please note the following three points when organizing your credit card.

  • If you purchase large items by credit card separately, you may have to return the items if you arrange them at will.
  • The same credit card company can not arrange arbitrarily for cashing.
    Both caching and shopping are subject to randomization at the same time.
  • If you pay by credit card for utility charges, mobile phone charges, and communication charges, you will not be able to pay in the future if you arrange them arbitrarily.
    It is necessary to switch to transfer or account change beforehand.

“Debt Consolidation of Bank Card Loans” Debt ends early with significant cut in future interest

Next, how much is a bank card loan that can be borrowed by a student or part-time job, whose examination has been soft before, how much debt is reduced?

Bank card loans have a lower interest rate than consumer credit, and it is considered that they are easy to borrow and there are many users.

We summarized the features of bank card loans.

  • The monthly minimum payment set is very low

    If you borrow 300,000, Acom’s minimum repayment amount is “14,000 yen.”
    In bang quick “4,000 yen”

  • If the minimum repayment amount is low, the repayment period will be longer

    If the original repayment period is long, it is difficult to negotiate the number of repayments in any arrangement.

  • Interest rate is low, but if the repayment period is long, the total amount of interest paid is large

    Because the interest rate is low and the monthly repayment amount is small, it is acceptable for people using it, but the total amount of interest paid in the end will increase.

From the above, if you arrange bank card loans arbitrarily, the monthly repayment amount will not be greatly reduced, but the interest that should have been paid in the future will be cut sharply.

Please refer to the following example of bank card loan arrangement.

Example of Arranging Bank Card Loans Arbitrarily

Suppose the bank card loan borrowing situation is as follows.

  • Borrowed from two card loans
  • Borrowing total amount 700,000 yen

Negotiation content is a cut of interest in the future.

  Borrowing Monthly repayment amount Number of repayments Interest expense
M company 300,000 yen 8,000 yen 51 times 103,000 yen
E company 400,000 yen 9,000 yen 60 times 150,000 yen

By organizing the bank card loan arbitrarily , interest of 253,000 yen that would have been paid in the future will be cut .

Cautionary note on bank card loans

If the only object of voluntary consolidation is bank card loans, the monthly repayment amount may be less than expected.

However, it is considered that the debt repayment will end earlier than originally planned, as the cut interest is high and all repayments will be used to repay the principal.

Recommended for women in their 20s! A law firm that can discuss debt problems with female lawyers and judicial scriveners

Recommended for women in their 20s! A law firm that can discuss debt problems with female lawyers and judicial scriveners

Arbitrary arrangement is a debt reduction method that can be requested by either a lawyer or a judicial scrivener.
※ In the case of judicial scrivener, there is a limit on the amount of debt

But you need courage to consult.

“Why are you so angry that you have been so debted?”

“I’m ashamed to tell people that there is a lot of debt.”

“What if a lawyer or judicial scrivener is a scary man ….”

It is natural to think like that.

But even if you don’t solve the debt problem as it is, fears about the future will grow further.

We will introduce a window dedicated to women and women’s staff, and a law office that accepts e-mail consultations.

Avance Legal Office (Judicial Scribe)

Avance Legal Office Top Page

Since the Avance Legal Office has a dedicated women’s dial, women can be confident about debt consultations.

In addition, we have been searching for a solution that is perfect for you from the experience we have received over 230,000 consultations so far.

Consultation is free as many times as you can, so please consult once by all means on Saturdays and Sundays.

Consult with Avance Legal Office


Judicial scrivener corporation Mitsuha group (judicial scrivener)

Mitsuba group reduction diagnosis

It is a judicial scrivener office with a large number of female judicial scriveners.

If you say that “Telephone consultation is Muri suddenly …”, it may be good to consult after making a deduction diagnosis of the Mitsuba Group’s debt.

You can diagnose whether debt can be reduced simply by answering four questions.

Judicial scrivener corporation Mitsuruha group to make a reduction diagnosis of debt

【Summary】 Debt is a female enemy! Let’s settle debts of 20’s by arbitrary arrangement before becoming 30 years old

【Summary】 Debt is a female enemy! Let

The world is full of attractive things for high-end women, such as cute clothes, good food, and services to beautify.

Even if you don’t have cash, you can pay for it with a credit card or buy a high price by making a cashback payment.

Of course, shopping with them is not a bad thing.

The problem is that you can not repay properly and you will end up with a large debt in your twenties.

If you keep debt, you can not afford your mind and you can not do what you want to do.

It may be that the debt was barred by him who wanted to get married and was shaken.

It’s no use lamenting that you have made debt, so let’s aim to pay off your existing debt as soon as possible.

If it is a voluntary arrangement, you may be able to reduce the debt directly by negotiating directly with the borrower (creditor) without trial.

If you reduce debt in your twenties by any sort of arrangement, you may be able to make a choice that you will not regret even if there is a change in employment or marriage.

First of all, let’s start from the point where the trouble of one’s own debt is told to the expert.

※ The reduction example by optional arrangement varies according to the contents of negotiation. Please be aware that some may be reduced more than expected and some may not.