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Your Car Loan at the best interest

We compare the best loans to finance the purchase of a vehicle, be it a motorcycle to enjoy the road, a van to work or an ecological electric car. Find the loans tech-finance vehicles easily, quickly, safely and in the best market conditions. 

When buying a vehicle, financing is a fundamental aspect

Until recently, the ways to finance the purchase of a vehicle were limited: a vehicle loan from your bank or from a financial credit institution linked to the manufacturer of the vehicle you were going to buy. This in new cars. In used cars the options were limited to requesting a loan from your bank.

In these years other forms of the acquisition have arisen or are used, such as leasing or renting, the latter also accessible to individuals, but a financial option only profitable if you use the car very often, especially for work reasons. But new forms of loan have emerged, comfortable, flexible and with the best financial options such as crowdfunding or crowdlending loans.

Finance a car or vehicle

Finance a car or vehicle

If it is a new car, compare and adjust your offer: without taking into account all the extras that you can add to your vehicle, the departure prices that you can see at a dealership or on the website of the company that you are going to buy your car are always much higher. It is a very accepted commercial practice in the sector to apply significant discounts on that price, including special offers that are launched repeatedly, especially in spring or summer, when more vehicle purchases are made. To all this, we must add the existence of state discount plans such as the PIVE that the MOVEA that now encourages the purchase of ecological vehicles. In conclusion, compare final prices and present the most advantageous offer.

If it is a used car, it justifies its price correctly: it is more difficult to determine the market price of a used car. Seniority, its status, and mileage are the two fundamental variables that will mark its price. The financial institution will be set especially in the former, in seniority, so you can consider in many cases the amount to be financed if a higher price is requested for the care that the vehicle has taken or the kilometers made. In this case, it justifies very well because of this price premium.

Beware of the low fees in which you only pay interest: a very fashionable form of financing by the financial entities of the vehicle brands is based on, after paying a ticket for the purchase of the car paying a very low fee, but leaving an important payment at the end. Be very careful: many times with this fee you only pay interest and the sum of the initial and final payment would be the entire price of the vehicle or a very close amount.

Term needed: the price of the vehicle must be adjusted to an adequate term so that the resulting quota can be assumed with the rest of the expenses.

Take advantage of offers for green vehicles: if the vehicle is electric or hybrid you can opt for specific loans with conditions that may be favorable. There are only for vehicles or for any other use that generates improvements in energy efficiency.

Check the contract and if a domain reservation is established: most contracts with banks or financials of vehicle manufacturers establish a domain reservation whereby you will not be able to transfer ownership of the vehicle until you pay the full financing. It is a guarantee for the financial institution, but it limits if you want to sell it before finalizing the payment.

Advantages of car or vehicle loans

Advantages of car or vehicle loans

Flexible and custom

Both in quantity and in the term, so you can finance from a family car, a work vehicle or a small electric utility. Each project is customized to suit your need.

No hidden costs

No hidden costs

Many entities link the interest rate of your loan to the hiring of other cross products, such as vehicle insurance, which can be much more expensive than if you do it independently. With your crowdfunding loan, you will not have any surprises or hiring obligation. Your only obligation is to pay your loan fee without having to change banks.

Quick response

The analysis of the concession is quick, and signing up completely online will have the money to acquire your vehicle quickly and safely.

Simple concession

In the financing of used vehicles, if the entity considers that there is a price premium, it may request an appraisal that makes the operation more expensive. With a crowdfunding loan, you just have to expose the data that justify the price of the vehicle.

Thanks to the advantages of a crowdfunding or crowdlending loan you can buy the vehicle you need at the lowest possible financial cost.